Technical Services

Delivering technical research and development and analysis of aeronautical and space systems to equip customers for mission readiness and success.

Customer Focus
  • Maintaining and Sustaining Open Systems Architecture
  • Using Open Architecture for Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Using Open Architecture for Ballistic Missile Defense

    Transitioning the Aegis Weapon System to an Open Architecture in Baseline 9

    As the U.S. Navy transitioned the Aegis Weapon System to an open architecture in Baseline 9—by also adapting the legacy ballistic missile defense capability to the open architecture environment—the Missile Defense Agency and the Navy were able to increase the number of BMD-capable ships to defend the U.S. and its allies in accordance with the Phased Adaptive Approach. On this project, our employees led the computer program design, coding, integration and testing of the new BMD 5.0 capability.

    We successfully migrated the BMD capability from the legacy AN/UYK-43 architecture into the open architecture commercial-off-the-shelf environment using the common source library approach to ensure that BMD 5.0 is available to the diverse platforms that require it. Additionally, our team developed more than 450,000 source lines of code on or ahead of plan.

    As part of this effort, the team provided life cycle management, configuration management, technical support and information systems integration services to the Aegis BMD system radar, command and control, and display and weapons control systems. The program operates on the U.S. Navy’s Common Processing System and Common Display System enterprise hardware environments.

Additive Manufacturing

Our engineers use state-of-the art Laser Cusing® Selective Laser Melting (SLM) systems developed by Concept Laser GmbH to manufacture advanced, high-performance, lightweight components directly from metal powder. Ideally suited for prototype and low volume production, SLM manufacturing is known to substantially reduce product lead time and cost because it puts metal only where it is needed 


  • Selective Laser Melting process design
  • SLM component manufacture
  • Design for additive manufacturing and product development
  • Metallographic investigation
  • Tensile property measurement and evaluation
Additive manufacturing

Assembly, Integration and Production (AI&P)

Supplying a wide range of mission-focused AI&P support to develop designs and processes that ensure life cycle affordability.


  • Precision manufacturing & assembly of human rated systems
  • Precision manufacturing of expendable launch systems
  • EGSE development
  • Cable harness manufacturing
  • Test and systems engineering
Assembly, Integration and Production (AI&P)

Sustainment Engineering

Our engineers oversee the design, configuration and baselines trends for space and ground systems; ensuring continued certification, compliance and performance.


  • Performance review against baseline requirements
  • Safety hazard, failure, reliability and maintainability trends analysis
  • Ongoing operational usage profiles
  • Design change requirements development
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Configuration management
  • Security support
Sustainment engineering

Flight/Launch Certification

We provide solution-focused quality, manufacturing, system engineering and launch site related expertise to a number of launch programs and vehicles including Minotaur LVs, DSCOVR, Falcon 9, Orion, Vulcan and NGL.


  • IV&V of launch systems
  • Quality and manufacturing assessment
  • Ground and launch data processing
  • Launch and space vehicle integration, test and modeling
  • Avionics, structures and ordnance systems engineering
  • Liquid propulsion system quality assessment
  • Space-flight worthiness certification
Flight/launch Certification

Geographic Information Systems

Our experience with numerous satellite programs including Landsat, MODIS, DMC, GRACE, IKONOS and GeoEye, coupled with our GIS experts and scientists, allows us to deliver a unique set of GIS services to our customers.


  • Geodatabase development, processing and manipulation
  • Satellite and UAV data lifecycle management
  • Application and software development
  • Training and exercises
Geographic Information Systems