Through ingenuity, innovation and mission expertise, we help the Intelligence Community discover, process and exploit data to identify trends, make better decisions, and accomplish their mission to protect our country’s safety, security and economic well-being.

Civil Space

From building the next generation crew vehicle for human space flight, to operating weather and crop forecasting satellites, to modernizing the National Air Space Systems, we help our customers define the future of civil space.

National Security Space

We are enhancing national security through the application of space science and technology by leveraging our capabilities and expertise on civil space programs.  We support the DoD and national security decision-makers in their need for unfettered, global space access and creating a decision advantage by leveraging space-based assets.


We provide trusted thought leadership and collaboration while embedding enterprise-class, mission-focused cyber security and IT innovations and solutions to address the rise in complex, diverse, persistent and morphing threats to networks, devices, data and infrastructure.

Health IT

With more than a decade of federal health experience, we deliver transformative federal health IT programs and solutions. Our support enhances our customers’ abilities to plan, implement and manage health IT capabilities that improve health outcomes and respond to evolving legislative mandates and technological advancements.